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SunErgos International has launched a new website!

Take a look at!

We are excited to share a fresh look with our supporters. Read our mission statement, take a look at our projects and how you can get involved. Don’t forget to read the stories of the children SunErgos works with in Russia, under Orphan’s Story section!

Serving orphans, widows and the poor in Russia since 2003!


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Dear friends and family,

This week has been simply amazing at the HIV baby orphanage!  When we first arrived at the orphanage, we were greeted with many hugs and smiles from some of the children but many took more time to warm up to our group.

But we stood the test and have bonded with the children deeply, knowing they will remain in our hearts forever.  Every morning, we have been chasing the children and have been blessed with seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter as they play. (more…)

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Yesterday afternoon we were given a chance to visit a baby orphanage where kids from age two to seven stay until they are adopted or transferred to an orphanage for older kids.

We had a special time with these precious children who surrounded us and latched on immediately. (more…)

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The CBU team finished their first week of camp!  It has been amazing to see God at work through this team, as they share, play and do crafts with these kids and teens that have seen so little love and acceptance.

As the days progressed the kids are paying attention, participating in the activities and opening up to the team.

God has been working with these kids through the previous CBU team in May, thus making it a softer soil for the the second CBU team. 🙂 (more…)

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