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After our long journey, 16 hours on the plane, we finally made it to St. Petersburg! Going through customs was easier than we originally expected; however, we had minor complications with claiming our luggage. We lost two boxes, but luckily they were delivered today! We are fortunate enough to be able to stay in a church that provides us with a comfy bed and daily shower. When we first arrived Tatiana (our host) greeted us at the airport and warned us she would not allow us to go to bed until at least 8PM local time; which meant we would not get a nights rest for 27 hours! (This was needed for us to get used to the 11 hour time change.:) It seemed like it was the middle of the day when we were going to sleep because the sun was still in the sky and didn’t show any signs of setting soon. This obviously did not bother us though, we slept like angels!

On day two, today, we learned some Russian. We began with the alphabet, and then we did numbers and colors. Then, we went out on the town. We stopped at our new favorite restaurant called Teaspoon. We ate bllini, which are very similar to crepes. They were delicious! After lunch, we took our first ride on the metro. We had to have a mini lesson on how to use and act while in the underground metro. No pictures are allowed and there is no such thing as personal space. We went to Peter and Paul’s fortress; it was full of cobblestone and a very beautiful cathedral. We ended the day with a beautiful boat ride around the canals of St. Petersburg. Now we are back at our home, until Sunday, and looking forward to what St. Petersburg has to offer us until we leave for Novgorod.

Thank you all for the continued prayers and support throughout our journey.


Alli, Aryn, Tim, Tanisha, Jess, Savannah, Adrienne, and Sam

P.S. More news and pictures to come later. 🙂 The other team says hello as well.

Please leave any comments and words of encouragement and we will read them to the teams. -SunErgos Staff.


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We came to the realization today that we have only three days remaining with the kids at the children’s center. The time here in Novgorod has been flying by. We started out our first week of ministry anxious about how the kids would receive us, but soon found that they were as excited to get to know us as we were to get to know them.

There are about 50 kids currently at the TB children’s center we are working with. The kids vary in ages from toddlers to teens. It is inspiring to see the people who work at the center because each of them works hard to make it a nice place for the kids to be while they are being treated, and they put their whole hearts into working for the kids each day.

Each day we spend at the center we begin with a skit that is a part of the theme for the week, and which has a message that relates to the lesson for the day. Our first week we began with a jungle theme and this week we are doing a beach theme. Following the skit, we split into two groups with the kids based upon ages, younger and older. The lesson is the same for both groups, but splitting up allows us to go deeper with the older kids and discuss life issues related to the lesson. It has been amazing to hear the kids open up and get involved in discussion more and more as the days go on.  We finish out the first part of each day with a craft, which also gives us more time to talk with the kids and get to know them.

Outside of the skits, lessons, and crafts, we have had the opportunity the rest of each day to simply play with the kids and show them love. We are in awe of how God is constantly using us to reach these kids, most that either are orphans, or come from rough backgrounds at home. We have been building relationships with the kids and hearing their stories. Each day we walk to the children’s center and see them eagerly awaiting us at the edge of the yard. It is wonderful to know that we are able to show these kids so much love.  But it also amazing to see how much love they express to us.

On the weekend we saw more of the city, which is over a thousand years old. And, on Saturday we went to the “Banya”, a Russia sauna, which was amazing!

Thank you for all the prayers and words of encouragement!

Vanguard Team (written by Sean)

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Today we finished the first day of training and sightseeing! The team from Vanguard University has arrived and is getting ready to start their camp on Monday.

This afternoon they saw their first glimpses of St Petersburg, as they visited 2 cathedrals. Tomorrow they head to the Hermitage Museum to see one of the greatest museums in the world.

We will do our best to put updated from the team and relay the messages that you post here to the team as well.

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Hello from team Russia B. We have been having fun learning about the language and history of Russia. We have had the opportunity to ride the Metro, eat the local foods, and go on a few cultural excursions. Our fieldworker has been wonderful as she has been helping us acclimate. We are staying in a beautiful building with comfortable beds and warm showers! Continue to pray for our team as we are preparing to serve the orphans here. Dasvidaniya!   ~Rebecca


[Pree-v-yet] from Russia!  We’ve been here for 2 days now and MAN do we have some stories for you! The first few days have been tiring and adventurous all at the same time. We are still getting used to the time change and the sun being out when we go to sleep at 10pm and when we wake up at 8am.  We have been going through training the past few days learning a little bit of the language, history and culture of Russia and St. Petersburg. Some of the many adventures we’ve had so far include Jackie and Lauren missing the Metro and causing everyone to wait for them at the next stop, and making friends with a twelve year old little boy at the Hermitage museum.

In addition to the Hermitage museum, we have also visited the Spilled Blood Cathedral, which contained beautiful mosaics made of thousands of tiny colorful tiles. Russia has a lot of history and so far we have only experienced a small part of it. We are all very tired, but still very excited to be here! We leave St. Petersburg on Monday to travel to the orphanage we will be working at in Novgorod. Please continue to pray for our team as we prepare to serve the children in the orphanage with fun games and lessons!    ~Jackie

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Today, we went to the transit center in the morning. Amy, Danny, Jazmine, Kierney and Lina started the day off with “The Redeemer” skit. We then split off into our groups. The teenage girls decorated journals and then decorated shirts and signed each shirt. The teenage guys did crafts and the boys at the transit center opened up and shared some of their stories. The little kids also did crafts.  All of the kids had big smiles on their faces when we gave them each some new shirts and gift bags. All of us were very sad to have to say goodbye. 😦  We have made friends and it was sad to leave, knowing that at will never see them again. We pray that God will protect them from harm. Too many of them have already experienced hate, abuse and abandonment.

After eating lunch, we came back home and debriefed our week. We also made a song/skit that basically summarized up our whole trip to the tune of twelve days of Christmas. Here are the twelve days:

On the first day of Russia, Kathy counted off. (We constantly have to count to make sure we haven’t lost a team member).

On the second day of Russia, Aaron broke the bed. (He jumped on Mrs. Warren’s or “Kathy’s” bed and the wood split in the middle).

On the third day of Russia, we ate some “yummy” fish.

On the fourth day of Russia, we met some crazy kids.

On the fifth day of Russia, Helle made a noise. Beeeell Dehhhhh!!

On the sixth day of Russia, Karen met a friend. (On the metro).

On the seventh day of Russia, we bought some souvenirs.

On the eighth day of Russia, no pockets in the Church. (Some of us put our hands in our pockets when we visited the Orthodox Church and apparently, that’s not allowed).

On the ninth day of Russia, Christian found true love. (The girls at the transit center loved him).

On the tenth day of Russia, we saw some dolphin tricks.

On the eleventh day of Russia, we made a stupid skit.

On the twelfth day of Russia, EVERYBODY’S RUSSIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, unfortunately, we had to pack. We got to go out to a nice Italian dinner to celebrate our amazing trip together. Some of us chose to go to bed and others of us are deciding to stay up since we have to leave for the airport at 3 in the morning! We will see you all soon!

King’s High School Team (written by Jazmine, Helle and Karleigh)

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Update by 2 team members! 🙂

Today we took the metro to the Hermitage Museum. The metro was extremely crowded and we literally could not move inside. One of the team members made a new friend on the metro.

The Hermitage was amazing and we even got to see The Prodigal Son (Mrs. Warren was sitting on the floor staring at it forever). As most of you already know, we got to go on Facebook and/or email; which made everyone very excited!!

All of the children at the transit center were very thrilled to see all of us return again today. Jazmine taught the teenage girls a dance to “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé (Pam filmed it for whoever would like to see/laugh at the dance routine later). The teenage boys made leather checkerboards and they turned out fantastic which made Fred feel “relieved.” Mrs. Warren did hair wraps in the ecstatic little girls’ hair. The kids also finished off the day with a variety of different crafts. Quinn and Karleigh also played an intense game of Go Fish with two little boys.

We ended the day with a good devotion by Fred and nice little chats with Tatiana. 🙂

Sorry if this blog isn’t as up to par as Mrs. Warren’s blogging the other day. Love, sleep deprived Helle and Anna

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Day 2 with the kids!

Fred:  God has blessed, is blessing.  High points mentioned in our evening devotions as a team, have included working/playing with the orphans, and some of the sights we have seen along the way.  King’s kids (and adults) and SunErgos kids are starting to connect, starting to communicate even without a translator, starting to want more time together to just talk; the initial reserve and awkwardness is melting (unlike the weather outside!) to smiles more and more.  What a blessing to give hope and hugs and laughter—to show each one is valued; and what a blessing to learn so many lessons from them, from the circumstances they endure!  Tomorrow, two of the teen boys are being sent to the town they are from; they don’t really want to go.  That means, that these past few days are all the chance we’ve had for input into their lives.  I was impressed again today—we need to always be ready to give answer for the hope within; we are His ambassadors—24/7… not just during office hours.  May the Lord bless the few faulty seeds sown to bear much fruit!

Kris:  Another great day in St. Petersburg….snow falling and the air is fresh.  Took the morning subway to the souvenir  shop and while on the train, a gentleman,  so excited to see that we were Americans proceeded to hand Isabelle a musical carousel… such a blessing to see them break out of their more somber nature while on public transit!  Had a great lunch at the Montana Café –The Russian version of the wild west was quite hysterical.  Totally enjoyed a real cup of coffee!  Back to the transit center in the afternoon allowed us to connect with the kids once again.  The little ones that my group is spending time with were so excited to see us and welcomed us with embraces.  Since we have a wide variety of ages, we need to be prepared with lots of activities that allowed each one with something to keep them occupied – which allows us to minister to each one individually.  One little boy, Egor, made 4 little chickens and wants us to come back tomorrow so he can make another one for his brother….so cute!  We ended the evening with the kids all participating in a “disco”…. Another way to break the barrier with song and dance and connect.  The Lord is present in all and we are so blessed to be here.  Miss you all and look forward to all your responses and prayers.   Love and kisses….to Mike and my girls.

Jazmine: Happy Birthday Dad! I would love to see the moon right now. I love you. And tell CJ I lost the game.

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