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It is now our second week in Russia, and we arrived safely to Novgorod.  Our week has started and will end with a VBS camp for the children and teens here at the children’s center.  Yesterday was our first day and it was so much more than we expected (in a good way).  We arrived to a classroom of children who were shaking in their seats with excitement to come and meet us.  When their teaching session was over we were greeted with Russian songs and cheers. (more…)

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Hello again Everyone!

Well, our week in St Petersburg is just about done and again what a blessing it has been! For the past couple days we’ve been playing with the children as usual and each day brings new experiences with the kids.

As we were playing with the children on Thursday we were all dreading the next day where we would have to say goodbye to the children we had spent all week playing with. Little did we know that on Friday, we wouldn’t have to say goodbye because the children were on a field trip to the zoo! (more…)

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Hello Everybody,

We have been in St. Petersburg for a week now, and what a week it has been!

Our first couple of days here was spent training and learning about Russia’s History and the Russian Culture, followed by some delicious Russian home cooking.

Over the past weekend we are also able to do some site seeing and learn even more about St. Petersburg.

On Sunday we attended a local protestant church and it was a true blessing to be loved by fellow Brothers and Sisters.

Our week has started and will end with afternoons spent with the children at the HIV Orphanage.  (more…)

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