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Here’s an update from each team member! 🙂

Hilary- Hello friends and family!  Tomorrow we are finishing our VBS and are saying goodbye to the kids and teens we have gotten to know in the last few weeks.  Honestly I think saying goodbye is going to be a bit tough.  I truly feel that I could stay in this place for another year and am a little worried about the re –entry process.  Yet, if this trip has taught me anything it is that the Lord works in mysterious and powerful ways so I must trust Him as we prepare to leave Russia.  Thank you for all of your prayers. (more…)


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Our last day in the orphanage was Thursday and the day went well. First thing when we arrived in the morning one of the older teens tugged on all of our heart strings when he asked if we could come back more days and not have Thursday be our last day. It was such a joy to know that we have confirmation that we had built good relationships with the kids and have them want us to continue to spend time with them, but sad as we knew we wouldn’t be able to do so. (more…)

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The CBU team finished their first week of camp!  It has been amazing to see God at work through this team, as they share, play and do crafts with these kids and teens that have seen so little love and acceptance.

As the days progressed the kids are paying attention, participating in the activities and opening up to the team.

God has been working with these kids through the previous CBU team in May, thus making it a softer soil for the the second CBU team. 🙂 (more…)

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TWU Team is on the plane headed for Vancouver!

It has been an amazing month for these four students who decided to spend part of the summer break serving orphans and the disabled in Russia. Their last week was spent at the Disabled Center, serving the teens who are outcasts in the Russian society.  Abundant love and care was shared towards those that God holds dear! (more…)

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