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It is that time of year once again! Our summer Camps are about to start!

This summer, from May to August, SunErgos will host eight camps for orphans and street kids in Russia! With the help of five ministry teams and 3 Interns, hundreds of children will experience hope, love and grace. Teams are coming from California Baptist University, Vanguard University and Seattle Pacific University. And, we are excited to have 3 Interns who were part of a ministry team last summer, join us for a longer stay to minister to orphans in Russia.  To read more, go to our NEW BLOG, here.

We have a NEW BLOG for Summer Teams!!!

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Keep up with team updates on our blog: We will post updates and pictures every few days!

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SunErgos International has launched a new website!

Take a look at!

We are excited to share a fresh look with our supporters. Read our mission statement, take a look at our projects and how you can get involved. Don’t forget to read the stories of the children SunErgos works with in Russia, under Orphan’s Story section!

Serving orphans, widows and the poor in Russia since 2003!

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We have just celebrated 9 years in ministry!

Thank you to everyone who have participated in sharing, giving and going! Because of YOU, we have served the fatherless, the widow and the poor in Russia for nine years!

We are excited for our 10th year!

This summer SunErgos will host 5 teams from various Universities in the USA. Almost 60 volunteers will join us for summer camps with kids who are orphaned, infected with TB/HIV and/or disabled.

New lives will be changed through these camps.  Lives will be transformed! Relationships will be built through the universal language of LOVE. Each child will be loved and accepted for who they are, no matter the hurt and abuse of their past.

Celebrate with us our 10th year in ministry!

Your GIFT will change a Life!

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Did you know that the Russian people celebrate Christmas on January 7th? So, if you enter a home in Russia right now, you might still see a Christmas tree still standing decorated and in lights.

Right after the Christmas celebration, our Novgorod Director, Marina, made sure the kids in the only unofficial orphanage in Novgorod really knew the meaning of Christmas. Once again there was singing, dancing, sharing the Nativity story and giving out presents!  This orphanage is divided into three sections: preschoolers, elementary and High School.  Each group of kids received their presents and had a celebration of their own!  The older teens have always been hard to work with because of set stereotypes about Christianity. Sitting down around some food helped to melt the ice and have a wonderful time of fellowship about a God that sent His Son to this earth over 2000 years ago.  To see these teens thirsting for the truth makes it even more important to continue the relationships that our summer teams built with each one at that orphanage.

We are excited to see what God has planned for this children’s home in Novgorod. Please keep the kids and staff in your prayers. And, please pray for our Novgorod Director, Marina, as she continues to minister to the kids and empowers the local Christians to take care of orphans. 

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Once again the TB Children Center in Novgorod was busy this past December with getting ready to show their friends the story of Jesus’ birth!  So exciting to see the kids and teens acting out the Christmas Story!

The children were so eager to do the play “The Birth of Jesus” this year again that Marina, our Director in Novgorod, could not resist their excitement to do the performance even though on the first days it was hard to organize them. They behaved so badly that we were about to cancel the play. But to her surprise, on the next day of the rehearsal, she saw that almost all of them learned the words and and even prepared the costumes for the play. It touched her heart.

We are sure that the children who participated will remember the wonderful story of the Jesus’ birth. The kids were nervous a bit because we had many guests – the staff and some of the parents of the children who came to see the performance.  Some of the parents heard the story about Jesus’ birth for the first time! About a Savior from their children. Isn’t it amazing?

At the end all the children received their Christmas present!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Christmas project at the TB Center in Novgorod.  A special thank you to International Concern for Children Foundation, ICCF, who made it possible for the children to receive some basic necessaries in their presents!

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We just finished Day 2 with the kids at the orphanage. We are all absolutely loving our interaction with the kids. Today not only did we get to go back to the orphanage that we were at yesterday we also got to go and hang out at a sister orphanage not far from where we are currently serving. This orphanage had kids ranging from ages 4-9. We mostly hung out and played a ton of games with them. We got to go to the playground in the back of their orphanage for about an hour and run around and have fun. Sarah and Theodora both were able to connect really well with the kids. They were running around constantly up and down the swing set and around the playground.

After we visited that orphanage some of us took a bus and others went in a car to the main orphanage. We thought that we were only going to be able to spend time with the younger kids today but to our surprise at the beginning only the teenagers were there. So the entire team was able to spend 30 minutes getting to know the teenagers until the younger kids arrived. We then split into two groups; Sarah, Theodora, Lauren, and Matt went with the younger kids and Chris, Danny, Jackie, and Bekah stayed with the teenagers. Today was a great day for both of the groups. The group that stayed with the teens was able to break the ice with them and start to be open and just have fun. We taught them how to play Uno and ended up playing the entire time we were with them, we also brought an iHome and were able to show them some “American” music. They knew Rihanna and Justin Bieber (Russians have Bieber Fever too :).  Danny showed off his muscles and arm wrestled with one of the girls (we’ll let him tell you the outcome…), Chris got to play chess with one of the guys, Bekah tried to rap for them, and Jackie was able to have fun with them, even through the language barrier, by being her outgoing and goofy self.

The group that was with the younger kids was able to continue in making fun crafts and make fish out of paper plates and decorate them with feathers, googly eyes and tons of glitter! Many of the children we have met in Russia are very creative and crafts have been a great way to get them involved in what we are teaching. After craft time, we played a lot of games including musical chairs, a color learning game and Ootka, Ootka, Goos (or Duck, Duck, Goose). Matt has been a great and fun example for the kids and Lauren was able to play with the really shy, young kids in our group. It was a lot of fun and the children are really starting to open up to us more and more. The joy is already evident on their faces when we tell them we’ll be back the next day.

As some of you know, when we started our ministry we were unable to share about our faith and we were asked to only teach the children and teens to live good lives.  However, today we found out that we have permission by the director of the orphanage to talk about God and religion.  Praise Him! Pray that in the next few days we would be able to have intentional conversations and not just do what is comfortable. Pray for our energy level as we are now working with three different sets of children, requiring two to three sets of daily plans and a LOT of endurance.  The language barrier is also a bit of a challenge but please lift up our actions and non-verbal communication.  We need these kids and especially the teens to know that we care about them before we can impact them on the level we’d like to.

We can’t wait to tell you more stories about what God is doing in Novgorod and how He is using SunErgos International, but for now we are enjoying authentic Russian soda and ice cream. 🙂

Russia A Team.

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The place where SunErgos International has worked with since 2005, has moved to a better, bigger and brighter place!

We are excited for the children and teens as they enjoy their new bedrooms, play areas, gymnasium and auditorium!

These kids come from the streets or very abusive homes from all over the former Soviet Union.  Now they can stay in a beautiful home and be taken care of by great and loving staff.

This past summer, we had 3 summer camps at this Transit Center.  Three teams poured so much love and care unto these kids!

There was so much laughter! Lots of games and presents!  The kids still can’t believe that the Americans had to board a plane and go back home…

Take a look at their new place! A video and some pictures!

Go here to see the video. (Transit Center website)

Go here to see the pictures. (Transit Center website)

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