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Today, we went to the transit center in the morning. Amy, Danny, Jazmine, Kierney and Lina started the day off with “The Redeemer” skit. We then split off into our groups. The teenage girls decorated journals and then decorated shirts and signed each shirt. The teenage guys did crafts and the boys at the transit center opened up and shared some of their stories. The little kids also did crafts.  All of the kids had big smiles on their faces when we gave them each some new shirts and gift bags. All of us were very sad to have to say goodbye. 😦  We have made friends and it was sad to leave, knowing that at will never see them again. We pray that God will protect them from harm. Too many of them have already experienced hate, abuse and abandonment.

After eating lunch, we came back home and debriefed our week. We also made a song/skit that basically summarized up our whole trip to the tune of twelve days of Christmas. Here are the twelve days:

On the first day of Russia, Kathy counted off. (We constantly have to count to make sure we haven’t lost a team member).

On the second day of Russia, Aaron broke the bed. (He jumped on Mrs. Warren’s or “Kathy’s” bed and the wood split in the middle).

On the third day of Russia, we ate some “yummy” fish.

On the fourth day of Russia, we met some crazy kids.

On the fifth day of Russia, Helle made a noise. Beeeell Dehhhhh!!

On the sixth day of Russia, Karen met a friend. (On the metro).

On the seventh day of Russia, we bought some souvenirs.

On the eighth day of Russia, no pockets in the Church. (Some of us put our hands in our pockets when we visited the Orthodox Church and apparently, that’s not allowed).

On the ninth day of Russia, Christian found true love. (The girls at the transit center loved him).

On the tenth day of Russia, we saw some dolphin tricks.

On the eleventh day of Russia, we made a stupid skit.

On the twelfth day of Russia, EVERYBODY’S RUSSIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, unfortunately, we had to pack. We got to go out to a nice Italian dinner to celebrate our amazing trip together. Some of us chose to go to bed and others of us are deciding to stay up since we have to leave for the airport at 3 in the morning! We will see you all soon!

King’s High School Team (written by Jazmine, Helle and Karleigh)

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Update by 2 team members! 🙂

Today we took the metro to the Hermitage Museum. The metro was extremely crowded and we literally could not move inside. One of the team members made a new friend on the metro.

The Hermitage was amazing and we even got to see The Prodigal Son (Mrs. Warren was sitting on the floor staring at it forever). As most of you already know, we got to go on Facebook and/or email; which made everyone very excited!!

All of the children at the transit center were very thrilled to see all of us return again today. Jazmine taught the teenage girls a dance to “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé (Pam filmed it for whoever would like to see/laugh at the dance routine later). The teenage boys made leather checkerboards and they turned out fantastic which made Fred feel “relieved.” Mrs. Warren did hair wraps in the ecstatic little girls’ hair. The kids also finished off the day with a variety of different crafts. Quinn and Karleigh also played an intense game of Go Fish with two little boys.

We ended the day with a good devotion by Fred and nice little chats with Tatiana. 🙂

Sorry if this blog isn’t as up to par as Mrs. Warren’s blogging the other day. Love, sleep deprived Helle and Anna

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Dear family and friends,

We met the kids! What a joy and an experience!

Quinn, Danny, Kierney, Lina, Katya:

The younger children surprised us; they abound in energy, and their moods change upon a whim. They are far less trusting, as they did not warm up to us nearly as quickly as we thought they would. Our crafts and games were fun to some, but others were unsure. The good news is that each child found his or her place in one of the choices we planned. Two of these little guys have been in the center for over two years: one came from a band of gypsies, and the other has seemingly no background, at least not one to be found. We pray the Lord will help us give them grace upon grace, as they trust that we do care for them; however, they clearly know our time here is temporary, so we understand the burden they must carry in sharing their little hearts. Two of the boys are only four!

Helle, Isabelle, Anna, Amy, and Jazmine:

The teen girls are so sweet; we have been surprised at their willingness to befriend us. They are open to all our plans, and they enjoyed the collages and bracelet making. They refused to keep the collages they made; they wanted us to keep them, so we would not forget them. Ours hearts melted; we were speechless. They have so little; yet, they were so giving to us. We left at lunch time today because they had an excursion planned, but our girls did not want to go on the outing; they wanted us to stay with them. We struggle in knowing what they have been through, but we are so excited that we have been given this opportunity to spend this time with them.

Randall, Christian, Isaiah, Aaron, Karleigh, Joclyn, and Matthew:

The teen boys were a bit skeptical when we brought out the thread and began to make friendship bracelets, but once our guys showed a keen interest, they joined in and made some pretty ‘sick’ (cool) bracelets. Mr. Van Gorkom’s idea of making wallets out of duct tape was a hit; they all participated in that idea. These gentlemen are a quiet bunch; we are humbled in our wonder at the harsh lives they have led, especially knowing they are the same age as we are. Physical sports provided a strong connection for us; we played dodge ball and monkey, and we all were competitive. We laughed, and we enjoyed our exercise.

We also toured the Spilled Blood Cathedral; the inside is designed with every major Bible story one can imagine created with small mosaic tiles. The detail is incredible, and the walls continue to extraordinary ceilings, stories high, every square inch filled with color, delicate intricacies, and marble. We could have walked through that building for hours and still missed a number of awe-inspiring depictions. Tatiana is well-versed in the plethora of historical places to show us; she knows her Russian history, and we are privileged to be learning so much. The weather was a bit warmer today; this evening however the snow fell, and the view was like Christmas outside our windows.

We love you; we miss you. We anticipate with great excitement the work the Lord has for us tomorrow. We covet your prayers, and we appreciate your notes so much!

Below are some messages from the team members! 🙂

Kathie Warren: Annie and Marlie, how are the kids?

Isabelle: Patricia and Skip…your prayers are much needed and welcomed. I love you sooo very much (mom and I love love love the outside news from real world…very helpful). Love much izzy bell and Kris ❤

Anna: I love you mommy and daddy! David I hope you’re doing more than playing xbox. Love, Anna B.

Pam: Hi Phil. Having a great time. The kids are precious and so special to be with them. All the King’s kids are also a joy to be with. Continue to say prayers for us that we can touch the lives of these children. I love you.  –Pam

Karleigh: Hi Mom and Dad, I miss you and love you and can’t wait to be home.  Tell Nick I say hi toooo! Please bring mine and Helle’s phones into the airport like inside right for when we get off the plane…we can’t wait! Thanks J Looking forward to being home! Love you! Love,  Karleigh.

Joclyn: Hey Mom and Dad! Love you and miss you and Mo and Jay.  Having so much fun here! See you in a couple days. Love, Joclyn

Helle: Gunnar, Heidi, Vehrs, Smarts, Grandma Johnson and Gunny: All you Hawaii people, I hope you are burnt to a crisp because it has snowed every day since we have arrived! Grandma, I’m really looking forward to that home cooked meal J And Gunnar, I hope you’re studying hard! Love you all!

Amy: Joe and Lisl (and anyone else who is reading this): St. Petersburg is a lovely city and I have loved getting to tour it. Also, after meeting our girls today, I can say that they are truly amazing and I can’t wait to get to know them better. Mom, your prayer sheet is a God send, sent straight for Heaven.  I love you all and I know Danny does too (even though he’s sleeping now, like I probably should be. J)  Love, Amy (and in spirit, Danny)

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The place where SunErgos International has worked with since 2005, has moved to a better, bigger and brighter place!

We are excited for the children and teens as they enjoy their new bedrooms, play areas, gymnasium and auditorium!

These kids come from the streets or very abusive homes from all over the former Soviet Union.  Now they can stay in a beautiful home and be taken care of by great and loving staff.

This past summer, we had 3 summer camps at this Transit Center.  Three teams poured so much love and care unto these kids!

There was so much laughter! Lots of games and presents!  The kids still can’t believe that the Americans had to board a plane and go back home…

Take a look at their new place! A video and some pictures!

Go here to see the video. (Transit Center website)

Go here to see the pictures. (Transit Center website)

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The last couple of days have been great.  We’re really making a lot of connections with these kids.  Our favorite part of the day is when we arrive and they scream “Americantsy, Americantsy” and throw their arms around us to greet us.  There is a bit of sadness each day as we say “paka” (bye) or “dasvidania” to them.  It is hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day of this.


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