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It is that time of year once again! Our summer Camps are about to start!

This summer, from May to August, SunErgos will host eight camps for orphans and street kids in Russia! With the help of five ministry teams and 3 Interns, hundreds of children will experience hope, love and grace. Teams are coming from California Baptist University, Vanguard University and Seattle Pacific University. And, we are excited to have 3 Interns who were part of a ministry team last summer, join us for a longer stay to minister to orphans in Russia.  To read more, go to our NEW BLOG, here.

We have a NEW BLOG for Summer Teams!!!

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Yesterday afternoon we were given a chance to visit a baby orphanage where kids from age two to seven stay until they are adopted or transferred to an orphanage for older kids.

We had a special time with these precious children who surrounded us and latched on immediately. (more…)

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WWII Veteran

On Monday Russia celebrated 65th Anniversary of the end of World War II.  Throughout the war, former Soviet Union lost over 20 million people.  Russians saw war first hand.  St Petersburg was under siege by the Germans for 3 years.  The city was cut off from the world.  No heat, no electricity, no running water, no food.  A very dark page in the history of St Petersburg. (more…)

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