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For the last two days we have played with children!

Each morning we run, swing, hug, laugh, smile, pull and love a group of orphaned children.

These little ones will spend 18 years in an orphanage because mommy and daddy did not want them.

Abandoned in the hospital, at a dumpster, or just brought to the orphanage and left in the hands of the government.

Their little faces, full of smiles and laughter, do not show the pain of abandonment and pain.  Not yet, at least… (more…)


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Hi from Russia,

After a great reunion in Frankfurt, we had a safe and quick flight to Saint Petersburg—where the sun never sets, literally.

We are having a simply splendid time learning more of the language and brief history of this beautiful city and the country.  After our morning study sessions, we have invaded the city in full force! (more…)

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Over 30 students decided not to stay at home for their summer break, but to go across the ocean and meet children who are abandoned, abused and orphaned.

For the past two months SunErgos hosted five camps with the help of four Ministry teams from USA and Canada.
Culture and language differences did not stop these students from pouring all they had into the lives of these children and teens.
Tears were flowing, arms wrapping tightly and words – “will you come back?” Hard goodbyes for both sides…

These students took a leap of faith and answered God’s call to come and serve in Russia to the fatherless.  Lives were changed forever.

Here is a Glimpse into their LIVES…

my father is in prison for killing someone and my mother drinks to forget everything and everyone…

my step father raped me when I was a child and my mother did not stop it…she was too high on drugs…

my parents died, I was shipped to grandma’s…soon grandma died…then my aunt and uncle took me in. After a year, they grew tired of me and to my shock they just dropped me off at an orphanage and left…  what did I do wrong?

I know that people
stare at me as I am wheeled around the city in a wheelchair… I can’t go anywhere by myself, not even to the bathroom… how I wish I had legs that worked…

my uncle gave me TB… now I’m at a hospital for 4 months… my mom doesn’t care, she just left me and found a new boyfriend…

why should I care about a God who just looked on while I was raped, abused and left at the orphanage…

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Yesterday afternoon we were given a chance to visit a baby orphanage where kids from age two to seven stay until they are adopted or transferred to an orphanage for older kids.

We had a special time with these precious children who surrounded us and latched on immediately. (more…)

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We’ve finished our third day at the transit center. For those of you who don’t know, the kids at the transit center are usually social orphans; they may have an actual guardian, probably not a parent, but the guardian cannot take care of them so they end up at this center. Many of them come from abusive backgrounds and have never experienced a healthy family situation; however, the kids are continuing to warm up to us as we invest in them. (more…)

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After a very long flight of over 34 hours, the second team from California Baptist University has arrived!  Everyone was tired, but very excited to be finally in Russia!

The team has been training and exploring the beautiful city of St Petersburg!  Today they went out in pairs for an assignment which is part of the 3 day training SunErgos provides. (more…)

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A few days left for the teams’ ministry in Russia.  Both teams are finishing up their day camps at the orphanage and disability center.  If you ask one of the team members:  “Was it hard?” Their answer will be a definite – “Yes!”  But you cannot stop there…. keep asking, “Was it worth the difficult days and the tears?”  And you will hear an unanimous – “Yes!” (more…)

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