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The CBU team finished their first week of camp!  It has been amazing to see God at work through this team, as they share, play and do crafts with these kids and teens that have seen so little love and acceptance.

As the days progressed the kids are paying attention, participating in the activities and opening up to the team.

God has been working with these kids through the previous CBU team in May, thus making it a softer soil for the the second CBU team. 🙂 (more…)

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We’ve finished our third day at the transit center. For those of you who don’t know, the kids at the transit center are usually social orphans; they may have an actual guardian, probably not a parent, but the guardian cannot take care of them so they end up at this center. Many of them come from abusive backgrounds and have never experienced a healthy family situation; however, the kids are continuing to warm up to us as we invest in them. (more…)

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Take a look at the lives of street children in Russia.

Russian Street Children – Click to Watch the video.

Misha’s Story

A boy runs away from the orphanage, just to make soup for his mother.

Black rubber shoes, a few sizes too big, dusty feet, gray shorts and t-shirt, skinny body and huge kind eyes – this is our Misha.  Two years ago his alcoholic mother was denied parental rights.  The 12 year old boy was placed in an orphanage, 60 miles from home.  Throughout these 2 years, Misha has run away 20 times from the orphanage and walked home on the highway – just to feed his mother… (more…)

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