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Our time here in Russia is quickly winding down to an end. Tomorrow, we will finish the wonderful and fun two week day camp at the TB children’s center. It feels like just yesterday that we were meeting the kids and playing our first game of Russian zombie tag with them!

Over the last two weeks, we performed a continuous skit in which Sean played our helpful and loyal guide. We used this character to convey the aspects of God and how we can relate to Him as our Heavenly Father. The rest of us acted as a group of friends in different scenarios in which we learned about forgiveness, confidence, faith, courage, salvation, peer pressure and so many other important lessons. Tomorrow we conclude the skit with friendship, forgiveness, and love. The kids have been receptive to the skits and can recite to us what happened since the first day two weeks ago!

We have covered a variety of Bible stories including David and Goliath, Esther, the Good Samaritan, searching for the lost sheep, and the most important Salvation story. In the older group, we used questions to lead in depth discussions regarding some heavy topics such as the participation in smoking and drinking, self-esteem, and obstacles they face daily. Sean, Sara, and Lauren have heard some of their stories and allowed them to partake in some challenging and reflective activities. In the younger group, Eric, Lindsey, Gabby, and Joey have expended their patience and energy to build close relationships with the younger children and teach them simple lessons. The younger group is filled with joy, excitement, and genuine love!

This week we were able to not only join the kids at the movies on Tuesday, but we also took a boat trip around the river in Novgorod this morning. We had a fun time trying to decipher what exactly was going on in the Russian cartoon and laughing at the few comments we understood! The boat was also exciting as it was some of the kids’ first time on a boating adventure! We even defeated the language barrier and taught them some card games! This evening Lindsey, Gabby, Sara, and Lauren made our own little spa. We painted the girl’s nails, curled their hair, and dolled them up with some makeup. We then had a “discoteka” (or dance) in which the boys and girls showed off not only their moves but their best dressed hairdos!

Words cannot describe the amazing time we have spent with these children! Our love for them has dug deep roots and we are working hard each day to trust that God will take care of them after we leave here. As much as we don’t like goodbyes, we know that these two weeks with these specific kids was for a reason and that it has impacted everyone involved for the rest of our lives! We look forward to coming home and sharing all of our stories, pictures, and laughs with you, our friends and family! God has truly blessed us with these 50 or so little hearts!! Thanks for the prayers and support! Keep them coming, not home yet!

Vanguard Team (written by Lauren)


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Vanguard team has finished their training and sightseeing in Saint Petersburg and is off to Velikiy (Great) Novgorod to start their 2 week camp at the TB Children Center.

Their days in Saint Petersburg consisted of learning about the Russian history, culture and language. Seeing the beautiful Orthodox Cathedrals and the Hermitage museum. On Sunday they went off in groups to several Orthodox churches, where they witnessed an Orthodox service and experienced first hand the ancient atmosphere of Orthodoxy, a religion which uses liturgy from the 5th century to this day!

Sunday night the team was off to Novgorod!

On Monday we took some time to do a prayer walk around Novgorod, a city over 1150 years old! It is so important to start with prayer.  We prayed for the city, the leaders, the churh, the families and the orphans.

Today we start our fist day of camp. Please pray for the team and the kids!

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Over 30 students decided not to stay at home for their summer break, but to go across the ocean and meet children who are abandoned, abused and orphaned.

For the past two months SunErgos hosted five camps with the help of four Ministry teams from USA and Canada.
Culture and language differences did not stop these students from pouring all they had into the lives of these children and teens.
Tears were flowing, arms wrapping tightly and words – “will you come back?” Hard goodbyes for both sides…

These students took a leap of faith and answered God’s call to come and serve in Russia to the fatherless.  Lives were changed forever.

Here is a Glimpse into their LIVES…

my father is in prison for killing someone and my mother drinks to forget everything and everyone…

my step father raped me when I was a child and my mother did not stop it…she was too high on drugs…

my parents died, I was shipped to grandma’s…soon grandma died…then my aunt and uncle took me in. After a year, they grew tired of me and to my shock they just dropped me off at an orphanage and left…  what did I do wrong?

I know that people
stare at me as I am wheeled around the city in a wheelchair… I can’t go anywhere by myself, not even to the bathroom… how I wish I had legs that worked…

my uncle gave me TB… now I’m at a hospital for 4 months… my mom doesn’t care, she just left me and found a new boyfriend…

why should I care about a God who just looked on while I was raped, abused and left at the orphanage…

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Yesterday afternoon we were given a chance to visit a baby orphanage where kids from age two to seven stay until they are adopted or transferred to an orphanage for older kids.

We had a special time with these precious children who surrounded us and latched on immediately. (more…)

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One week of ministry is now completed.  We are tired, but so moved by how God has moved in our work.  The kids are great to work with.  They do everything we ask them to do and more.  It is difficult to get away at the end of the day because they want to tell you bye and give us high five’s multiple times.  (more…)

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