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The place where SunErgos International has worked with since 2005, has moved to a better, bigger and brighter place!

We are excited for the children and teens as they enjoy their new bedrooms, play areas, gymnasium and auditorium!

These kids come from the streets or very abusive homes from all over the former Soviet Union.  Now they can stay in a beautiful home and be taken care of by great and loving staff.

This past summer, we had 3 summer camps at this Transit Center.  Three teams poured so much love and care unto these kids!

There was so much laughter! Lots of games and presents!  The kids still can’t believe that the Americans had to board a plane and go back home…

Take a look at their new place! A video and some pictures!

Go here to see the video. (Transit Center website)

Go here to see the pictures. (Transit Center website)

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