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SunErgos International has launched a new website!

Take a look at!

We are excited to share a fresh look with our supporters. Read our mission statement, take a look at our projects and how you can get involved. Don’t forget to read the stories of the children SunErgos works with in Russia, under Orphan’s Story section!

Serving orphans, widows and the poor in Russia since 2003!

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We have just celebrated 9 years in ministry!

Thank you to everyone who have participated in sharing, giving and going! Because of YOU, we have served the fatherless, the widow and the poor in Russia for nine years!

We are excited for our 10th year!

This summer SunErgos will host 5 teams from various Universities in the USA. Almost 60 volunteers will join us for summer camps with kids who are orphaned, infected with TB/HIV and/or disabled.

New lives will be changed through these camps.  Lives will be transformed! Relationships will be built through the universal language of LOVE. Each child will be loved and accepted for who they are, no matter the hurt and abuse of their past.

Celebrate with us our 10th year in ministry!

Your GIFT will change a Life!

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Did you know that the Russian people celebrate Christmas on January 7th? So, if you enter a home in Russia right now, you might still see a Christmas tree still standing decorated and in lights.

Right after the Christmas celebration, our Novgorod Director, Marina, made sure the kids in the only unofficial orphanage in Novgorod really knew the meaning of Christmas. Once again there was singing, dancing, sharing the Nativity story and giving out presents!  This orphanage is divided into three sections: preschoolers, elementary and High School.  Each group of kids received their presents and had a celebration of their own!  The older teens have always been hard to work with because of set stereotypes about Christianity. Sitting down around some food helped to melt the ice and have a wonderful time of fellowship about a God that sent His Son to this earth over 2000 years ago.  To see these teens thirsting for the truth makes it even more important to continue the relationships that our summer teams built with each one at that orphanage.

We are excited to see what God has planned for this children’s home in Novgorod. Please keep the kids and staff in your prayers. And, please pray for our Novgorod Director, Marina, as she continues to minister to the kids and empowers the local Christians to take care of orphans. 

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Vanguard team has finished their training and sightseeing in Saint Petersburg and is off to Velikiy (Great) Novgorod to start their 2 week camp at the TB Children Center.

Their days in Saint Petersburg consisted of learning about the Russian history, culture and language. Seeing the beautiful Orthodox Cathedrals and the Hermitage museum. On Sunday they went off in groups to several Orthodox churches, where they witnessed an Orthodox service and experienced first hand the ancient atmosphere of Orthodoxy, a religion which uses liturgy from the 5th century to this day!

Sunday night the team was off to Novgorod!

On Monday we took some time to do a prayer walk around Novgorod, a city over 1150 years old! It is so important to start with prayer.  We prayed for the city, the leaders, the churh, the families and the orphans.

Today we start our fist day of camp. Please pray for the team and the kids!

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Here’s an update from each team member! 🙂

Hilary- Hello friends and family!  Tomorrow we are finishing our VBS and are saying goodbye to the kids and teens we have gotten to know in the last few weeks.  Honestly I think saying goodbye is going to be a bit tough.  I truly feel that I could stay in this place for another year and am a little worried about the re –entry process.  Yet, if this trip has taught me anything it is that the Lord works in mysterious and powerful ways so I must trust Him as we prepare to leave Russia.  Thank you for all of your prayers. (more…)

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Priviet from Novgorod!!!

We’ve arrived safely, after an. . . interesting, and very exciting journey. We had lots of thunder and lightening on Saturday night, and it continued to rain and storm off and on during the day on Sunday, which made the drive exciting.

We are staying at a church that is very close to the TB Children Center, which is a blessing. Our commute time to the sight is about 5 minutes, whereas with the HIV Baby Orphanage, it was about an hour. (more…)

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Hello Everybody,

We have been in St. Petersburg for a week now, and what a week it has been!

Our first couple of days here was spent training and learning about Russia’s History and the Russian Culture, followed by some delicious Russian home cooking.

Over the past weekend we are also able to do some site seeing and learn even more about St. Petersburg.

On Sunday we attended a local protestant church and it was a true blessing to be loved by fellow Brothers and Sisters.

Our week has started and will end with afternoons spent with the children at the HIV Orphanage.  (more…)

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